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Benefits of Membership

  • Enjoy a gourmet monthly luncheon with like-minded individuals. You will hear wonderful speakers and participate in effective networking with other businesswomen. Make Connections!
  • Business Book Club - This is not your normal book club! You don't even to read the book!  
  • Speakers Group - Hone your presentation skills, both with speaking in public and one on one!
  • Web Exposure - Have your company and contact information listed on the website.
  • Social Mixers with your fellow members to build relationships. (additional cost may be involved).
  • Mastermind Groups - access to other business builders and brainstorming ways to be more effective and profitable!
  • Choices!  We are an industry limited group.  There are 5 slots per industry.  Find the right fit for what you need!

Business Sorority is more than just building your client base. It's about building YOU, on a holistic level and on all fronts. Let's help each other become the Premier Women Business Leaders in the area!

To Apply:  You must attend at least one luncheon.  You may ask for an application after you have visited a chapter lunch (either chapter is fine).  An existing member must be willing to sponsor you when you apply.  To request additional information please contact Mel Miller at or one of our membership chairs (listed on our leadership page).  


*You may attend up to 3 times as a guest before we will ask you to apply for membership to keep attending.  If you have been a member and wish to come back, you must re-apply prior to attending by submitting an application to:  We vote on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  You will receive notification once the application has been presented to the Leadership Committee.

*Guests may ALWAYS attend our socials and Holiday event.



Our "year" goes from 8/1 - 7/31 each year.  We prorate dues quarterly (annual dues are $250.00).  We then bill for the full annual dues the beginning of every July and they must be paid prior to attending initiation.

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