Holiday Extravaganza!
December 8, 2017

Dilworth Neighborhood Grille
911 East Morehead Street
Charlotte, NC 28204



1.  You will see a combined price for a table and luncheon (i.e. guest 6 foot table $65.00 + lunch $35.00 = $100 combined).  Tables cannot be purchased without at least one luncheon.  If you have an additional person working your table with you, you must purchase a luncheon separately for that person.   If the link to purchase a table is no longer showing, we have sold out but you may still purchase a ticket to attend! 

2.  When you sign up, there is space to let us know if you have any special requirements or need electricity.  Please do that upon signing up and do not wait until the last minute as we may not be able to accommodate you at that point.

3.  There is only one slot allowed per company (i.e. one Mary Kay table, one Tupperware, etc.).  There IS space for another type of company.  For instance, we would have space for Mary Kay AND Arbonne and/or multiple chocolate or jewelry companies.

4.  We wil send out details for event closer to the actual date.  Details will include vendor information as well as guest information.  Please be sure to read that e-mail THOROUGHLY.  For now, vendors need to know to get there about 9AM to begin set up.

5.  Vendor tables will be draped with a black tablecloth.  If you need anything different, you would need to bring that.

6.  Signage is NOT allowed unless it fits on top of your table, the room is FULL and there is no room beside or in front of tables.  It is POSSIBLE (not for every table) that there could be room BEHIND your table but we recommend not to plan on it.

7.  If you are doing a swag bag, plan on providing 150 items to go into bags. More information on who to get these to will be sent closer to the event.

If you have any additional questions, please e-mail:


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