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About Business Sorority

Business Sorority is a relationship based group.  We are an innovative network of female entrepreneurs, executives and professionals. We are dedicated to working together in growing and promoting women in business (and personally!) by building relationships. Business Sorority achieves our success through a commitment to understanding, sharing and helping each other connect with each other and in the community.

We believe each member should strive to grow their business and themselves.  The give and take nature of our group is VERY important!  You should be getting as much as you give in any group you participate in (especially this one)!!

Our purpose is to provide a progressive network of talent, skills, knowledge and resources that are accessible to all Business Sorority members to help each achieve their professional and/or personal objectives. We are a community of women providing unlimited opportunities to women in business.


  • Attend our monthly luncheons to connect with amazing business women who can help you grow your business and offer a wealth of knowledge and information.
  • Enjoy terrific speakers who will provide insights to help you grow personally AND professionally!

Business Book Club

  • Share your passion for growing your business with other, like-minded women.
  • Find time to learn from published business owner's ways to sharpen your practice, increase your skills and feed your brain!
  • DON'T read the book!  You don't have to!  Our Book Club chair reads the book, prepares cliff note versions and shares what they learned to help you learn from these great authors and books.

Speakers Group/60 Second Commercial Workshops

  • Learn to communicate more effectively in a group setting.
  • Lose that FEAR of getting up in front of a group!
  • Hone your presentation skills.
  • Increase your self confidence while learning to motivate your listeners with persuasion and authenticity.
  • Build and improve your 60-second commercial.  How comfortable are YOU in introducing yourself when you network??

Mastermind Groups/Powerhouse Circles

  • Brainstorm with other women that are in growth mode to share ideas on developing streams of referrals that LAST!
  • Create systems and work on your time management with proven, effective methods.
  • Be strategic by working ON the business and not just IN the business.


  • Enjoy getting to know other professional women in a variety of activities.  From hiking at the Whitewater Center to our annual I Hate Valentine's Day party, socials are designed to get to know each other better (sometimes including our family members!).


Giving Back
The women of Business Sorority understand that giving back to your community is an integral part of our success. We want to provide the community that has helped to promote and build our network the same dedication it has shown us.

We have adopted The Sandbox as our organization of choice.  Please check them out at www.GotSandbox.org.  They are AMAZING!


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